Letter From The Handicap Chair

Handicap Chairman 2016 – Greg White

My name is Greg White and I am the handicap chairman. First, I would like to welcome all new members to the DWMC and welcome back those members from last year. Secondly, I would like to thank the members of our Handicap Committee: Doug Evans, Dave Gambino, Chris Miles and Walt Mulford. They have graciously volunteered to help with the tasks required to have a successful club. During our first meeting in February, we established some guidelines for reviewing scores and penalties which could be imposed for not posting accurate scores. All of our guidelines and ideas come from the USGA Handicap System Manual and reflect decisions adopted by the USGA.

I will be working with this committee to monitor our clubs handicaps. This committee represents the human element of your handicap. The committee is there to ensure the Handicap Indexes that are issued really reflect each club members’ potential ability. This committee is responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap System. The committee is obligated and committed to ensure the integrity of each Handicap Index we issue and to uphold the rules the OGA / USGA have for our club.

Remember handicaps are what make this game so great. The handicap system in golf has made this one of a few sports which allows us to compete against others no matter what our skill level. This system of fair play depends on you! You are responsible for keeping the integrity of golf by playing by the rules and posting your scores each time you go out and play. Not only posting your score, but posting an accurate score and adjusting it based on the Equitable Stoke Control (ESC). Remember, you Handicap Index is not the same as your Course Index. Determine your Course Index and post your ESC according to the Course Index. For example, you might have a Handicap Index of 10.1, but your Course Index is only a 9.8. This means you can only post a double bogey on each hole instead of a 7 on any hole. Know your handicap and know the adjustments you must make to your score based on the ESC. All of these and more measures will reflect positively on our club and show that we are playing by the rules established for golf.

An important thing to remember about your handicap is that it represents your “potential ability” on that course and not your average. You have that potential of shooting that great score and not to be discouraged when you don’t achieve that number. Only about twenty percent of the time should you actually shot par with your handicap.   Many of us, including myself, forget this. I hope that everyone strives to lower their handicap and they set that as their goal for the upcoming season.

Below is a list of a few key items which are important to maintaining an accurate handicap with our club

Welcome to the 2016 Season.  Let’s make it a great year!

Posting begins March 1, 2016

Here is the general information for posting your scores for the 2016 Season:

One of the keys to posting your scores and getting a handicap is by paying your membership dues as soon as possible.  Please do it now and don’t wait as you will not have a handicap as of 3/1/16 without paying your dues before that date!

The handicap committee has been working over the winter to establish handicapping policies and procedures including a new rule about Men’s Club Weekly Events.  Below is the entire policy adapted by the handicap committee.  There are a few key items I want to discuss:

1)    Tournament Score Posting – Based on the 2016 updates to the Rules of Golf, the United States Golf Association has announced revisions to the USGA Handicap System for posting tournament scores, placing greater emphasis on significant events.  This means that regular league play will no longer be considered a tournament score. Only these events will now be considered tournament scores:

  • DWMC It Ain’t Easy
  • DWMC Ryder Cup
  • DWMC 2 Man Best Ball
  • DWMC Championship
  • All DWMC Match Play Events
  • All Home vs. Home Tournaments
  • All DWMC Road Trips

2)    Playing alone – To further support the key System premise of peer review, scores made while playing alone will not longer be acceptable for handicap purposes.  This change underscores the importance of providing full and accurate information regarding a player’s potential scoring ability, and the ability of other players to form a reasonable basis for supporting or disputing a posted score.

3)     Practice Rounds (Local Rule) – If you objective is to go out and practice and “not compete at your highest level”, please do not post your score.  This is up to each golfer to determine their purpose on the course.  If you are there to improve your game via practice on the course (ie: using multiple balls), do not post this score.

4)     All scores must be posted within 5 days of playing the event and those rounds played must be posted before the bi-monthly revision.  Last year there were numerous rounds posted after the revision date.   This does not accurate reflect your handicap for the revision.  Low rounds played before and posted after a revision will be subject to immediate review of the committee. The committee can then determine if an immediate adjustment is required.

5)  Committee will meet after each tournament and review tournament scores.  Committee will determine if an adjustment is needed based on USGA decision about exceptional tournament scores.   If the committee makes an adjustment, then you will be notified no less than two weeks before the next tournament.

6)  Winter rules are always an issue with our club because of the wet weather.  A sign is posted near the first tee stating the current conditions.  Current conditions and playing rules will be posted on the Men’s Club message board downstairs.   Currently, we are using lift, clean and place through the green.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any members of the committee. If you would like to contact me directly, please email me at gwdwmchc@aol.com.

Thanks and have a great year!