Match Play

Hello DWMC Members,

Our Summer Match Play event this year has some significant changes that the tournament directors hope will encourage more participation and enjoyment for our members. This year the event will be a Double Elimination format which will guarantee every entrant at least two matches. The first round pairings will be based on 2015 DWMC money list. The leading money winner will be matched against the lowest money winner and each subsequent first round match will be paired in order of money earnings. If we have new DWMC members who do not have 2015 winnings they will be paired against top money winner. If there are multiple new members they will be matched by drawing against the number of top money winners until all new members are paired. We believe this will be a more equitable way to make the pairings vs handicaps, as we have done in the past. It is our desire to get more people involved in the summer long event and generate enthusiasm as the matches progress. The cost to participate is $15 for all participants. The payout, based on a full field of 32 players, will be 12 individual money winners based on their finish in the summer long event. The top prize is $85 plus next year’s entry into the 2017 Summer Match Play event.

The signup sheet will be at the Pro Shop desk and you must make your payment at the time of entry. It is very important that you sign up ASAP so that the pairings can be made and the brackets prepared. Our goal is to start matches ASAP or by May 1st. There will be a total of 62 matches to determine a champion, so it is necessary that we play these matches in a timely manner.

All matches will be 18 hole match play, any matches that are tied at the end of 18 holes should be played out immediately if possible and will be “sudden death” (first player to win a hole out right ends the match). The participants in each match may decide what Men’s tees they will play. A match may be played from two separate tees, however the appropriate number of strokes will be deducted from the lower rated tee.

To determine proper equity with players having different handicaps, the lower handicapped player will be “zeroed” and that number of strokes will be subtracted from the higher handicapped player. It is important that both players know their current handicap for the tees being played.

Signup early!!! Let’s get this thing going and have fun.

Any questions contact Tournament Directors Greg Wright or Jim Tatum.