Most Improved Player Standings

Diamond Woods Golf Club (23-0113-01)      
Most Improved Golfer Report      
for Revision Dates 6/1/2016 – 7/1/2016      
  Starting Ending  
1Sexton, Zeke0.33.5+0.7 -7.71.088
2Howard, Greg18.4192.016.9176.31.052
3Fisher, Jason2.930.
4Harris, Mr. Michael Albert14.5152.013.3138.81.047
5Reese, Jimmy11.8123.411.0114.91.035
6Miles, Chris11.7R 121.911.0114.61.030
7Barger, Barry20.0209.219.1199.71.029
8Mulford, Walter20.0209.019.2200.11.026
9Fisher, Harold16.6173.415.9165.91.025
10Gambino, Dave8.993.78.488.01.025
11Shiner, Chris30.0312.529.0302.71.024
12Rae, Mr. David D.14.7153.214.1147.91.023
13Cessnun, Don16.5172.015.9166.11.022
14Hibler, Clifford 8.7R 90.7 8.3R 86.51.020
15Wilson, Billy15.5161.715.0156.51.019
16Rice, James Richard5.557.
17Spetter, Bob12.3128.811.9124.71.017
18Cessnun, Mike15.1158.114.7153.71.015
19Doyle, Jeff2.122.31.920.61.014
20Yost, Jeff3.941.33.738.71.013
21Savusa, Ali7.
22Hall, Nikolai25.8269.125.5265.91.008
23Porter, Michael12.6131.912.4130.11.008
24Sexton, Hedley15.5161.815.3160.21.007
25Avalos, Marco9.
26Fletcher, Charles18.1189.118.0188.11.003
27Dickson, Luke3.335.43.335.41.000
28Jones, Steve3.839.93.839.91.000
29Kelley, Jim5.
30Lampa Lamp, Mr. Dave11.5119.811.5119.81.000
31Moffett, Jeramie8.
32Smith, Richard A6.871.66.871.61.000
33Tatum, Jim3.
34Tereault, Jeff20.3211.720.3211.71.000
35Weber, Larry25.5266.325.5266.31.000
36Yu, Chang11.0114.611.0114.61.000
37Heffernan, Dennis17.6184.117.7184.50.997
38Wing, Jeff10.2106.510.3107.30.996
39Evans, Doug4.446.84.547.10.994
40Goetze, Robert6.669.36.871.30.989
41Berg, Phil10.5110.110.8112.70.987
42Landy, Al17.3181.117.7185.20.987
43Bill, Nathan17.4182.117.9187.30.983
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Diamond Woods Golf Club (23-0113-01)      
Most Improved Golfer Report      
for Revision Dates 6/1/2016 – 7/1/2016      
  Starting Ending  
44Northcutt, Douglas20.8216.821.4223.30.982
45Doyle, Greg2.728.
46Wende, David21.1220.121.8227.20.979
47Ice, George10.3107.410.8112.50.978
48Wright, Gregory W11.1115.711.7122.60.975
49Tucker, Michael20.6214.621.5224.80.973
50Picotte, Joe4.749.
51Johnson, Robert10.7112.111.5119.90.966
52Murray, Robert13.3138.714.2148.20.966
53Brown, Doug10.3107.611.1116.60.965
54Shiner, Matt10.1106.011.0114.70.961
55Johnson, Mark9.397.310.2107.10.959
56Tinker, Mr. Todd17.3180.318.6193.80.958
57Kurzhal, Mark7.
58Lovewell, Jason11.4R 118.812.8133.40.944
59Herbert, Cliff6.265.07.376.50.943
60White, Greg9.094.410.7112.10.925
61Imbler, Mr. Eric4.850.86.769.90.898
62Haught, Rick2.829.94.850.00.881

Diamond Woods Golf Club (23-0113-01)      
Most Improved Golfer Report      
for Revision Dates 5/1/2016 – 6/1/2016      
  Starting Ending  
1Herbert, Cliff9.
2Evans, Doug6.871.04.446.81.146
3Sexton, Zeke2.
4Spetter, Bob15.8164.612.3128.81.144
5Harris, Mr. Michael Albert17.6183.514.5152.01.117
6Reese, Jimmy14.3149.011.8123.41.105
7Fisher, Jason4.446.62.930.81.101
8Sexton, Hedley18.0187.515.5161.81.091
9Yost, Jeff5.355.83.941.31.088
10Tatum, Jim4.
11Shiner, Matt11.7122.610.1106.01.072
12Yu, Chang12.6131.611.0114.61.070
13Wright, Gregory W12.7132.311.1115.71.069
14Lovewell, Jason13.0R 135.511.4R 118.81.068
15Fletcher, Charles19.9207.718.1189.11.060
16Imbler, Mr. Eric5.760.14.850.81.054
17Wilson, Billy16.6173.315.5161.71.040
18Cessnun, Don17.6184.016.5172.01.039
19Porter, Michael13.3139.212.6131.91.028
20Murray, Robert13.8144.013.3138.71.020
21Fisher, Harold17.1178.716.6173.41.017
22Landy, Al17.7184.517.3181.11.014
23Kelley, Jim5.457.
24Doyle, Greg2.830.12.728.61.007
25Hibler, Clifford8.891.7 8.7R 90.71.005
26Hall, Nikolai25.8269.125.8269.11.000
27Johnson, Robert10.7112.310.7112.11.000
28Lampa Lamp, Mr. Dave11.5119.811.5119.81.000
29Northcutt, Douglas20.8216.820.8216.81.000
30Smith, Richard A6.871.66.871.61.000
31Tucker, Michael20.6214.620.6214.61.000
32Weber, Larry25.5266.325.5266.31.000
33Wende, David21.1220.121.1220.11.000
34Shiner, Chris29.9311.530.0312.50.998
35Tinker, Mr. Todd17.2180.017.3180.30.997
36Berg, Phil10.4108.810.5110.10.996
37Gambino, Dave8.892.78.993.70.995
38Doyle, Jeff2.
39Haught, Rick2.728.22.829.90.993
40Rae, Mr. David D.14.5151.114.7153.20.993
41Barger, Barry19.7205.720.0209.20.991
42Mulford, Walter19.7205.920.0209.00.991
43Kurzhal, Mark7.
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Diamond Woods Golf Club (23-0113-01)      
Most Improved Golfer Report      
for Revision Dates 5/1/2016 – 6/1/2016      
  Starting Ending  
44Tereault, Jeff19.9207.520.3211.70.988
45Ice, George10.0104.310.3107.40.987
46Johnson, Mark9.094.79.397.30.986
47Cessnun, Mike14.7153.415.1158.10.985
48Heffernan, Dennis17.1178.817.6184.10.983
49Avalos, Marco8.589.
50Rice, James Richard4.951.25.557.60.966
51Picotte, Joe4.042.34.749.80.958
52Savusa, Ali6.467.
53Howard, Greg17.1178.618.4192.00.957
54Brown, Doug9.397.110.3107.60.955
55Miles, Chris10.6R 110.511.7R 121.90.954
56White, Greg7.
57Dickson, Luke1.920.83.335.40.908
58Bill, Nathan13.4139.617.4182.10.864

The most improved player standings is a calculation to determine which player improved their handicap the most during the current season.   The USGA has set guidelines to determine which player has improved the most.  Below is an example of how this rating is determined:

Player A

Starting handicap index:  22.6

Ending handicap index:  17.4

Value A: 22.6 + 12 = 34.6

Value B:  17.4 + 12 = 29.4

A/B  34.6/29.4 = 1.177 (This is the improvement factor for player A)

Player B

Starting handicap index:  2.6

Ending handicap index:  0.8

Value A: 3.6 + 12 = 15.6

Value B:  0.8 + 12 = 12.8

A/B  15.6/12.8 = 1.219 (This is the improvement factor for player B)

This example shows that even though Player A had a greater decrease in handicap (5.2 strokes compared to 2.8 stokes for Player B), Player B still has a greater improvement factor.   This is because Player B’s handicap percentage decrease was higher than Player A.

I will be updating the Most Improved Player statistics starting May 1.  This is the date that most members have joined our club and gives two months of adjustment time after handicaps have been posted.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.