Tournament Info

Hey Guys,

Here we go for another season of golf!   This is the current schedule for Wednesdays and Saturdays Men’s Club from the Tournament Committee:

We are going to start Wed play beginning March 2nd. First tee time 4:00 PM The Sat play will continue to start at 10:00 AM until the public play at DW increases at which time it will move to the normal time of 1:00PM.

Wed / Sat

Game buy-in $5: Payout in shop credit.
KP buy-in $2 Payout cash split into 4 KPs per day.
Deuces buy-in $2: Payout cash – divided equally by the number of gross deuces. If there are no deuces the list is carried over to the next game day until a deuce is made. The buy-in is good until the prize pool is paid. A new player may buy-in any time prior to starting play in an open game.

Due to the wet conditions on the course, until further notice all games will be played under the local rule of “lift clean and place, through the green.”